Cervical Cancer Breakthrough

Cervical cancer get screened

Ground Breaking development in Fight Of Cervical Cancer

Researchers in the U.S have used a woman’s immune system to attack the malignant cells in her system with incredible results..


Researchers in the US are celebrating a ground-breaking development in the fight against cancer.
They’ve successfully used a patient’s own immune system to attack the disease in women with advanced cervical cancer.

Every day is a gift for Arrica Wallace.
Three years ago she was given devastating diagnosis.
I was told I had stage 3 cervical cancer.
She underwent 32 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 radiation treatments.
But the cancer came back.
Doctors said she’d be lucky to survive a year.
I actually had conversations with my husband and my friends about funeral arrangements.
But Arrica says leaving her two sons without a mother wasn’t an option.
So she joined an experimental clinical trial, manipulating a patient’s own immune system to attack malignant cells.
The goal of it is to completely get rid of cancer and have it never come back.
Doctors took tumour samples from nine women with advanced cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus, or HPV.
They extracted T-cells from the tumours, The treatment shrunk one woman’s tumour.
Two others are now cancer-free.
You can see it’s completely gone.
Arrica was one of those women.
One month after treatment, her tumours had shrunk by 50%.
22 months later scans show no signs of cancer.
This is building on new knowledge about how the immune system works.
Immunology has also been effective against other cancers like leukaemia and melanoma.




Cervical Cancer found

So medical science is only now proving what so many health and fitness people have been teaching for years. Working on keeping your immune system healthy and strong can increase your chances of fighting of serious disease like cancer.



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10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors « PushUP24

10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors « PushUP24

Paper hospital gowns and fluorescent lighting are no substitute for kicking back with beers during the March Madness—but your annual checkup should be about your doc getting to know you. Along with updating vaccinations and some routine testing, talking about your lifestyle and potential risk factors for disease is why you come in for a preventive exam, says Minesh Khatri, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and a general internist at Columbia University Medical Center. To make the most of your time (and your doc’s), come prepared with a list of questions you know you want answered to help focus the visit, he says. And mention anything that is bothering you—a mole, a sleep problem, a rash, or whatever—at the beginning of the exam, so the doc can address the concern and organize the rest of the visit to make sure it’s taken care of.

Because I’m Happy


Drew Barrymore

Today I have stopped by to share with you a music video that a very dear friend shared with me a few weeks back.

Now I know it is difficult to be happy 100 percent of the time, mainly because if you are a living human being with feelings, well there is this thing called life that just loves to jump in and send all your well thought out plans to Mars. That is just the way it is and has been since the dawn of the human being 🙂 so lets just deal with it and move right along shall we.

Now as promised in my last article I wanted to focus more on mindset this year as personally I feel this can be a big reason for a lot of our health issues. Be it in our general feeling of well-being, our relationships with others, our physical fitness endeavours, weight-loss and all aspects of our lives in general. Now there are many articles and studies from the medical and psychological fraternities that also show when our mental health is compromised our mindset and the way we view the world around us can make a big shift towards all things negative, which has a tendency to darken our mood.

Mindset and How you View the World

picture of a sad lonely figure

Negative mindset Negative view

Over the last 14 months I have been working extensively on my mindset in my efforts to change my personal circumstances in life. I decided 14 months ago that I wanted to view the world differently and to do this I was going to have to make some big changes in my life. So I threw myself into the challenge of self-development in all areas of my life with the goal being to change my view of the world, to change my circumstance I needed to first empower myself not only with knowledge but also on a personal level, I had to change my mindset.

Now I know a lot of people out there scoff at the terms Mindset, Self Development and empowerment likening anyone who is actively partaking in these practices to hippies and loony tune nomads wandering the world on happy drugs and only looking through rose-coloured glasses and that is fine they can stay in their boring mundane over logical box working their 40 hour week in a job they have had since forever. I am quite happy for them to stay in their job being “JUST OVER BROKE” (job) for the rest of their day’s good luck to them I say and I will not force my beliefs and way of thinking on them; as long as they leave me alone and don’t force their views and way of thinking on me.

The funniest thing about all of this is generally those nay sayer, doubting Thomas, mundane logical thinkers are general people in our closest circle; friends and family members bi bummer because it kinda makes it hard for you when they are the ones you generally turn to for support in your efforts to change your mindset so you can have a better life. So the thought of having to end your relationships with them whilst on your journey of self-development is for most of us not really an option, I understand this because I have faced this challenge myself during my journey of self-improvement over the last 14 months, and I can tell you they’re were days when I just wanted to curl up and cry and just damn well give up. But you know what I didn’t I kept going and you can to just keep your belief in what you are working toward very strong and in your field of vision every single day.

Because I’m Happy

So let’s get back to the lighter side of life happiness.

Happiness is the emotion we all need more of in our life on a more regular basis. Happiness releases certain chemicals in our brains and our bodies which in turn increases our health both physically and mentally in ways we do not fully understand and quite frankly I don’t really want to know the entire logistics of how and why it is, I just prefer to enjoy the happiness and know it is what it is a pretty damn power good feeling that helps me be more productive, energetic and a much, much nicer person to be around.

So before I ramble on into a blog article the size of the latest best-selling 1,000 page novel I would like to end this post on a very happy note by sharing this video I spoke about at the beginning of this article. Like I said it is a music video that was original shared to me by a very good friend Jill Humphreys  and Jill is just the most incredible amazing woman whom I met through a business community I joined 14 months ago. Jill has always been a source of inspiration to me but much more than that Jill is just one of the fantastic friends that I have forged a lifetime bond with whose support kept me going on my really bad days when I just wanted to quit.  I would love for you to meet Jill and become better acquainted and you can do this by visiting her at either one of these places. This is Jill Humphreys….

picture of Jill Humphreys

Isn’t she Lovely

  • Facebook: Mindsettochange.com  a fantastic page loaded with inspiration on a daily basis
  • Jill’s Blog:  Digitalbloggers Jill has some great articles on here that I have enjoyed and have helped me through moments of weakness.

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Despicable Me 2 – Lyric Video)

Health Tip:Look After Your Liver

A New Year Has Begun

Welcome back as the New Year has begun I would like to take a moment and thank all of those who have been here reading my content and leaving comments. Thank you very much I appreciate each and every one of you.

So lets kick of this year by firstly thanking ourselves 🙂  yes you read that corectly , I want you to thank yourself go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself you believi in you and you care about you because if you didn’t you would not have successful survived 2013 .

Why do I say that well because for millions around the globe 2013 did prove to be quite a challenging year on all fronts for the world. Financially economically and even the weather threw an extreme challenge up in many countries and many people lost life, limb, home and property.

So that is why I want you to pat yourself on the back and believe in you because you are here in the New Year and you have another shot at your destiny no matter how bad you are feeling. Remember every one has the potential inside of themselves to be as great as they believe they can but it all starts with you, so this year I will spend a lot of time talking about mindset as this is very crucial to your level of physical health and yes don’t worry I will be throwing in the occasional health tip along the way.

So let us all work together as a community and ensure that no one feels like they are alone during their journey towards a healthy body and mind.

I will finish this post with a quote I came across in 2013 that helped me in times of lack luster and non motivation ” The mind is like a parachute – it only works when it is open” by Frank Zappa

So my health tip to start you of for the year is this… The human body is made of a lot of water. Water is so vital for all our cells and organs to function at optimum levels and it is also vital for the longevity and youthful appearance of your skin hair and muscles. We do not drink near enough water on a daily basis and often we are running our body on half a tank or dehydration levels and by doing this our blood is dirty with the toxins that our liver and kidneys cannot dispose of properly as the water level is to shallow.

Constant low water levels are also responsible for the wrinkles appearing hair loss and sagging skin and muscle tone. So do yourself and your body a favour and make this tip a habitual one and your mind and body will thank you in the process

You must drink at least 3 litres of water over a 24 hour period and make at least 500 MLS of this water to be consumed at least 1 hour prior to bed time. Preferably try to consume good clean purified water that is not to cold as if it is to cold you will put a strain on your inner core body temperature regulator. If you don,t have access to purfied water free from fluoride and chlorine in the town supply then you will need to just go with your town tap supply, but the better the quality of water the better the effect.

Now if you are not use to drinking 3 litres of water a day you will find this quite a challenge but keep reminding yourself and keep at it until you have formed the habit of reaching for water without a second thought.

Once you have formed the habit of drinking 3 litres of water a day you will over time start to notice changes in your appearance, your skin will look younger and you will take on a better colour in your skin tone. You will not be as hungry and your energy and mental state will increase. You will be thankful you did this as you will notice a decrease in digestive problems as well.

So the tip : make drinking 3 litres of clean water a habit even when it is so cold outside the car is snowed in drink 3 litres 🙂

Until next time have a super fine day and be the best that you can be

Sandra Lemming   http://onestopaloeshop.com

The Day you Realise You Don’t Exist

Today I Realised I Don’t Exist.

Reject Sign

Well at least that is how it feels. Have you had one of those days, one where it starts of fine but then half way through the day wham you get kicked in the guts so hard you just want to curl up in bed go to sleep and never wake up again.

I don’t have these days very often but there have been a few in my Life and today is one of them And I can tell you right now it damn sucks and I can hardly see through the tears to type.


I know many of you will be saying just get over it stopped being negative and you may in your opinion be right but you are not the one who is feeling like your insides have been ripped out torn up spat on and shoved back inside you the wrong way up. So your opinion is not much help to anyone who is feeling like they are having a day where they realise they don’t exist, so come back when you have something that will help.


Why am I having a bad day? I had a fall out a fight with someone very close to me. Someone who is my whole world. Someone I have sacrificed so much of my life to help and try to be there when ever that someone needed me. Yes we had words and during those words, in a blink of an eye it became very clear that someone no longer believed in me and saw me as a total failure.

I had been suspecting this is how that someone who is my world had been feeling like this  and I truly had been trying  not to let it affect me but today I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am just so tired and have given so much to so many over the years only to be put back on the shelf to gather dust until the next time they need me to support them  and it really does hurt. Sometimes you just need the people who use you to realise that you have feelings and the cost of the sacrifice you make for them is great.


very few of realise the burden we have innocently placed on others and we can become blind and selfish to this burden and in doing so cause that one person who would sacrifice their life for you feel the sharp pain of rejection, failure and total uselessness. So please take away the positive from this post today and be sure you remember that the strong person you innocently lean on day-to-day and share your heavy load with needs someone to believe in them as well.


From a Mother to her children pain affects everyone.

One Little Girl/ One Loving Family

Welcome to my post One Little Girl/One Loving Family

Let me take a minute to apologize for not posting in such a long time, as life would have it i became a little side tracked in my endeavor to better myself as a person and acquire new skills to help make me more attractive to the job market. However this post today will not be solely based around me this post I hope will introduce you to a little girl who has been having a real tuff time of it lately and the struggle her family is going through with her. No this is not just another sob story this post I write because it took this family and this little girls courageous  fight for me to slow down and see what is really important to me and which direction I wanted to take in life.

I was Inspired by a 7 year old girl and her mom.

Kathleen and BrennaghThis picture is of Brennagh McKay she is 7 years old and in this picture she is sitting on the lap of her loving mum while they wait for her bed in the hospital to be made. Around 6 weeks ago Brennagh was rushed to hospital by her mom. Brennagh was very sick and Kathleen was no doubt feeling the same feelings of fear that any parent does when you have your extremely sick child in your car and you are rushing to hospital. By the time Kathleen got Brennagh to hospital her condition had deteriorated so quickly that Brennagh was rushed into emergency and listed as critical. This is never what you want to hear as a loving parent from hospital staff, your child is critical we are moving her to ICU and we are not sure if she will make it through the night. My god and sorry to blaspheme but the heavy sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, the pain in your chest and your mind running at a thousand times faster than what it should to comprehend this type of news can be absolutely crushing, but as a parent you know that you cannot crumble to the ground and just cry out as loud as you can,!!  you must gather your strength, tap into the adrenalin that is flowing through you and make the right choices for your sick child in hospital and the rest of your family. You have to be strong. You may not want to be and you may wish it didn’t have to be you but as the anchor, the glue that bonds a family together you must there is no option.

So enough talking and let’s get down to the point. Brennagh Mckay is a little miracle !!! Brennagh has Trisomy 18 also known as Edward Syndrome and most children born with Trisomy are still birth or rarely make it past the first few days. You can find out more about Trisomy here https://www.facebook.com/Trisomy18

I am helping to raise fund for this little family in New Zealand to help take a little of the load of them. You see little Brennagh has fought on despite not being given a fighting chance. Even though Brennagh has lost considerable weight and has had quite a few set backs she is still hanging in there and mom Kathleen is still by her side. They are miles away from the rest of their family and friends and both miss them all dearly but until things go Brennagh’s way they are both going to have to stay in the hospital. So lets help raise some money for this little family to help with the financial burden they will have to suffer.

Brennagh a Sweet Little Miracle

So my business will be donating all the profits from the sale of any of our product through the online store to the fundraising efforts to try to help a little girl who inspires us everyday with her fighting spirit. If only a lot of us could have just a portion of this little girls warm love for life and courage to fight what a magnificent world we would have. You can find out more about this campaign on our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/Onestopaloeshop

or you can go directly to our website and online store here http://tidyurl.com/aloeshop

I sell an extensive range of world-class Aloe Vera products all backed with a money back guarantee our product line ranges from Juice through to cosmetics and skin care for super sensitive skin. So even just this once you replace one of your normal products with one of my finest quality Aloe Vera based products you can feel secure knowing you have a great product that will benefit you and your family You can also feel good that all the retail profit will be donated to help a little family from a little place.

“Did You know…”

Did you Know !!!

Did you Know the most important thing you will ever have is your health or as I like to think of it your life. The way I look at it is pretty simple really if or me it comes down to 2 basic things my mental health and my physical health the rest of the other stuff is just emotions I feel at any given time.

My mental health is my first priority as I believe if you are not in control of a healthy mind how can anything that follows be healthy. I know what your thinking, your saying to me !! , no shit Sherlock or no you are definitely wrong there is so much more that this and well yes there is but you don’t build a house on week foundations if you want it to last, do you?

So yes for me mental health is the first order of the day for me as I know I need a good strong foundation and frame-work if I want to be able to enjoy all the miracles that life has to offer. I also need strong foundations to weather the storms that will blow my way as I go through life. You see the hard thing about living is we are human and we do develop relationships with people we care about, he’ll some of us even develop strong enough bonds with our pets that the loss them can be just as crippling .

So I believe being focused on my mental health should take priority so I know I can whether the storms that pass through my life.

Did You Know !!!

Life can also be unpredictable and since the leaders or governments deem it necessary that everything has a monetary value, life can also be quite expensive and I am not talking luxury here I am talking just basic general life so we all need to do something to turn a dime just so we can provide for ourselves and  anyone else we wish to take care of.

So on that note  I will sign off by saying I work as well, I prefer however to work from home on a computer and so down below I have placed a short video for you all to watch that sort of gives you an idea on how I turn my pennies .

I have some more work to do and since I totally enjoy what I do for work it is not hard for me to pick up my laptop and jump right in. so have a great day, week month or even life if you do not come back to my blog and keep in mind life is complex if you dwell on to much of the sub- headings. Sure up your foundations and be ready for whatever life will throw at you but most of all enjoy your life while you have it no matter what life it is because eventually death will come calling.

So on that note take care enjoy the video and no matter what you do be great doing it.  🙂

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