Health. How Much is Your’s Worth. part 2

I will try not to ramble on too much more about health and how much your’s is worth. I just felt it necessary to add some more content, on the end of part one where I had explained about the warnings from the doctors on my health. When I was advised by my doctor about my serious failing health, I had been what I conceived to be a normal person. You know worked to many hours not enough pay, functioning on convenient easy to prepare over processed package foods and take-away when I really didn’t want to go to the trouble of using a microwave. I enjoyed the alcoholic beverage after work and I thought I was coasting along fine, nothing wrong with me I was normal. Yeh so I thought what a misconception that was.

My couple of beers after work soon became a couple more and then the whole 6 pack. I only drank heavies ( high alcohol content) and soon I had to work longer hours for less money had to sign a work contract, started missing my family and became sleep deprived,, social deprived nutrient deprived and things spiralled out of control, before I realized my mental health had suffered to the point of depression and the alcohol I thought ( was told all my life would help me forget my problems) yeh it did that for sure but only after I finished the 6 pack then the bottle of scotch and the cask of wine. Fantastic job just destroy the healthy cells through out your whole body you idiot and I was destroying myself literally from the inside out.

I never felt like I slept, my eating habits got worse and now I felt just so damn depressed all the time something had to be done and that’s how the doctors found damage to my body internally was devastatingly wide-spread. Now I know I ignored taking the option of traditional medicine but that was only because I had always felt there were better options , I had already done enough damage with my lifestyle choices and didn’t need to make another and in saying that I just mean that a lot of the drugs they wanted me to take had serious side effects and I didn’t really need that it wasn’t for me.
I do not advise any one just stop their treatment they are receiving from their medical advisor but if you don’t believe in your treatment and think there could be another way for you then start doing some research ask many questions of your doctor, only you when you listen to your body and mind really know what’s going on inside of you.

Now the products I endorsed in my last blog post I do so, as I have tried many different brands before but the Forever Living ones pictured on my last blog are my 2 core products I use and yes they are more expensive than the supermarket brands but they are the only ones that I noticed significant results with. When I started using the Aloe Vera Gel and the Arctic Sea, after a month I noticed changes in my skin tone and colour, my appetite was coming back and I really didn’t feel much like drinking so I took 7 days off work purchased lots of the Aloe Vera Gel and Arctic Sea, fresh fruits and vegetables and detoxed the alcohol from my system and these days when people as I say I am a non drinker of alcohol.
Now I still drink the Aloe Vera Gel and take the Arctic Sea on a daily basis and my health has significantly improved my doctor can’t believe it so when he has a patient he feels could benefit from my advice and products he  gives them my website details. So please if you take anything away from this post then my story has helped you and that’s all I want is to be able to offer constructive advice that can help people.


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