Sleep. Where Are You ?

Sleep has eluded me over the past few day’s. No matter where I searched I could not find you.

Sleep is so important, to my ability to function in a logical clear positive manner.
Why have I missed my sleep ? because once again I got caught up in the social belief that you must give up your sleep to be accomplished. Sleep is the first thing we are taught as we transition from childhood to adulthood, that we should sacrifice to get things done.

You are not a mover or shaker if you are not willing to sacrifice sleep.
Yet funny enough sleep is the one thing that we need, SLEEP is the way our bodies go to work on the inside creating new cell growth and fighting foreign bacteria that threaten to invade and bring the tower falling down.

SLEEP is so important especially to me being 47, yet still at this stage in my life things to do fall in my lap. Obscure much considering I am a millionaire in training.
SLEEP is one of my favourite pass times next to my continual growth and understanding.
SLEEP is coming to me right now as I write this post, sleep is waining heavily on my mind and my brain is trying to shut me down because of my lack of sleep.

So on that note before I hit the 24hours . I will gracefully step aside, however bad things happened.
I am dozing off just trying to get my head on paper. So I will sign off now but be forewarned sleep or more so a lack of sleep can be detrimental to you health as it is during sleep is when our bodies go to work. So get your sleep everyone needs it including me.


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