Winding Down after a hard day can be the most difficult and confusing thing to do. I mean honestly how hard is it to just chill relax and wind down after a hard day. I don’t know about you but gee’s Louise for me after a hard day, after any day really it is the most frustratingly annoying thing for me to do. What are these experts thinking, hey don’t stress do some yoga meditate and wind down so you can sleep better, yeh please don’t get me started.

Now in case you haven’t read my About The Author page I will just give you a quick over view. My name is Sandra Lemming, I am 47 quickly approaching 48. I have 3 Kids all grown left home and I have 3 grand kids. For 20+ long years I was a night-time taxi driver 12 hour shifts 4pm to 4am 5 to 6 days a week. My partner died from a brain tumor 7 year ago when our youngest was 13 so I was grateful just to have a job to see me through, not that driving a Taxi makes you a lot of money to be honest after the smoke clears it was just enough to keep us on the poverty border line. I live in Australia.

Now after a hard day in the cab or in my case night my wind down was to knock back as many alcoholic beverages as I could and for the most part that was normal behaviour for an Aussie until like me you end up with serious health problems and are informed by the medical profession your time is up and there isn’t anything they can do. Funny thing about Australia you must understand we have a fee medical plan here called Medicare but free it is not and it is only basic and be prepared to be treated like scum if you use the medicare system.

Now if I had access to millions I would have been given the Royal treatment but at the time I did not so after a hard day I had to find another way to wind down as the fat cat professional dictators sitting in their ivory towers call it. But just because I don’t have a flashy certificate from a University to say I am qualified doesn’t mean I don’t have enough experience in life to share with you.

So what have I been saying so far in my ramblings, basically I don’t like so-called accredited pompus people who have not experienced what they are giving me advice on. It’s hard to wind down and relax when it’s time to get some sleep and for me Yoga and Meditation ( just ain’t gunna cut it) bit of good old Aussie slang for you right there.

I don’t know about any one else I only know me and family members and friends and strangers I have met but what I know about them and me is this. You don’t have to be on a job site lifting bags of concrete and swinging a hammer to have a hard day.

A HARD DAY to me and most people I know is ” not sleeping through the night because your kid is running a high temperature and the Panadol isn’t working so your constantly up and down most of the night checking on them. You organise breakfast head out the door take the Kid to the doctors sit in the waiting room for 4 hours only to find out it’s a virus and we don’t prescribe medication for that, Fantastic that’s my morning gone.”

So with sick child in toe and having to take the day of work you figure you may as well get some things done so you pop down the street got to the bank and the post office to get your bills paid so you know how much you got left for food. Your pretty sure the phone and power will stay on because you put a bit on both those, just enough to keep the wolves from your door. You sit in the food court with your sick child and long for the day you will be able to just buy you both a simple thing called lunch and a drink.  You whip out the water bottles and sandwiches you packed at home and try to encourage your sick child to at least try please just try to eat a little only to have a big smelly intimidating security guard come up and tell you to take your packed lunch and your kid and leave the store you can only consume food purchased inside the centre and you plead for a break as your child is sick and it is very hot outside there is no shade but your plea falls on a power trip out of control. So with a sigh you pack up your things scoop your child up in your arms and head for the door.

You stop at the next supermarket down the road and do the grocery shop with calculator in hand . Awesome there were some great specials on your core groceries this week so you have a spare few bucks left over that you tuck away in the back of your wallet just in case. Home we go unpack sick kid,  unpack groceries and oh joy look at that it’s now 4pm so you rush out the back and take the washing off the line whilst thinking in your head what you can prepare for dinner.

I think by now you get the picture it’s damn easy at the top to wind down but when you’re at the lower end of the food chain you have a lot more stress and it doesn’t stop just because your work day has stopped. . So after a hard day how the hell can you wind down ?

I can tell you looking for comfort in the bottle did not help me it nearly killed me. Doctors did not want to save me because I could not pay them as much as they think they are worth and my Government had abandoned me, I was alone with my stress my life and troubles to deal with, it was up to me to save me, to be there for me and find my own solutions. I lived in a lower-income area so doing this whole going for a walk after dinner thing was out of the question, going out after dark could be fatal and yeh I hear yah you were dying any way so who gives a rats!!!!   WELL PEOPLE I DID…I GAVE A RATS BECAUSE I HAD CHILDREN WHO NEEDED ME AND TRUSTED ME AND RELIED ON ME TO SEE THEM THROUGH.

We didn’t have much when it came to material stuff but they had me and they loved me looked up to me for support they needed me and they didn’t have a choice I was their choice so I had to take charge of the situation and I had to find ways,  better ways affordable ways to relax wind down after a hard day so my kids could learn that giving up is not an option.

So if your out there struggling with the whole wind down thing after a hard day look for what works for you that you can afford without leaving you stressing. I found an American company selling Aloe Vera based quality products that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to join and it was the best decision I have ever made. So no I don’t drive Taxi’s any more thanks to this company and their products.  Upon joining I was a distributor so I could sell the product which silly me I didn’t start doing for years later I just joined so I could buy top of the line quality health products at the cheaper price.

These products worked for me the business model also worked for me I no longer am dying  ” apparently that a miracle”  and am no longer driving undesirables around the streets of the city at 2am in the morning. I am not a millionaire but I do live comfortable these days and I try to remember where I came from so I don’t become the complacent everyone.  I sell a beautiful herbal tea and just the aroma is enough to relax me but the taste is delicious. I make a pot at night and have one half an hour before bed and the rest I put in a bottle in the fridge because the next day chilled it is super refreshing. It is caffine  free if you would like to know more just click on the link below and it will take you to my website. Well enough said for today time for my cup of tea.

Healthy Caffine Free Tea

Healthy Caffine Free Tea


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