Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth !

Welcome back to a subject I am very passionate about. Health is Wealth and I say that with total conviction as this is what I truly believe.

Lets face it without your health what good is all the money in the world, yeah sure you can buy the best medical treatment and have round the clock cares but really if your health is at that stage how much of life are you really going to enjoy and how much of the good parts of your life are you truly going to remember and hold on to. Your only human after all. So today I am here to rant my opinion on this subject and in the process hopefully help clear the fog.


Health is very important to us mere mortals and how we perceive the world. health is so important in actual fact that we as human beings have found a way to not only understand more about  our health but the benefits of good health and the effect it has on our life expectancy age.

When assessing my own health I like to try to keep it simple. I try to break my health plan into 2 distinct topics if you will. I for myself have the 2 main topics as being physicall Health and Mental Health. I know to most people this seems a little clinical and crazy but for me it really is not. When you take into consideration my past history of bad diet, alcohol abuse, heavy smoking, minimal exercise and high fat high sugar fast food convenience diet, it becomes very clear as to the reasons why that at the age of 47 I have arrived at this point in my life.

I will not go into too much detail of my past choices which had crippling effects on both my physical health and mental health as i have already touched on this subject in some of my other blogs. today I just want to do a short blog on some small things I have done that have helped me take bake my life.

Physical Health

Health on the physical front is very important in so many ways and at so many levels. Now I am not a coach, doctor, physical fitness trainer or any other type of specialist but I do understand the basic principles of good physical health.

My basic understanding of physical health is exactly what the word says physical. So I take into consideration the very basics of this side of my health. Like am I carrying too much weight for my frame structure and is this putting pressure on areas of my structure in turn causing me unnecessary pain in places like my back, knee’s, hips and so on. I pay attention to my freedom of movement when I first get out of bed or am performing simple tasks like playing ball with the dog in the back yard or walking around a shopping centre, climbing a set of stairs, all of these simple tasks can be greatly effected when I get to weighty or to be blunt too much fat and not enough muscle.

When it comes to my physical health I really don’t give a rats what the everyday Joe Blow on the street thinks, all I focus on is am I functioning at the level I am happy with and am I happy with my physical appearance. If I don’t like the fact that my joints are stiff and seized like a car engine running on low oil pressure then it is up to me to do something about it. I don’t need you or any one else making negative unconstructive comments based on a level of basic knowledge that everyone is privy to, so I refuse to acknowledge that these comments have even been made. At the end of the day the most important opinion is my own and the next most important thing is me taking action on what I have noticed and would like to change. It is only after this process will I be willing to take on board the advice, assistance and help of those individuals in the community who have the skills and training to help me achieve the results I want.

I don’t place value in pictures of celebrities,models and athletes as this being the norm because I am not a celebrity, model or professional athlete and do not aspire to be one so their body images splashed all over the media and social pages mean nothing to me, i am more likely to notice the picture of the cool ar or cute animal picture. So my expectations for my physical health are more realistic as the basis for them comes from within myself.

I can tell you that i have struggled with physical health just as much as any one does but more to what I want my physical health to be and I will not be dictated to by any one. I believed as I was growing up that I was living in a free world and it was taught to me that dictators were bad evil people who wanted to control everyone elses life. So why as I grew into an adult would I want or care about opinions being dictated to me based on no real education training. I feel this is where young people fall prey to the opinions of the biggest dictators the world has ever seen THE MEDIA 

This whole body beautiful image has gotten so out of control that so many of our young people today are falling victim to many eating disorders and unrealistic images in their own heads of what they should look like it is killing them both physically and mentally. Anerexia is one biggy that comes to mind, which will lead us to the second part of my health plan. MENTAL HEALTH. before we do go onto the second part of my health plan lets just take a short moment to look at anorexia.

Anorexia to my very basic knowledge is the starving of the body of the appropriate nutrients which we obtain from a healthy balanced diet in order to lose fat thus enabling the individual to drop down the size appearance of their physical stature or form if you like. Yes I know there is a lot more involved but lets just stick to the basics shall we. So let’s say I look in the mirror and because of constant peer group pressure, parent expectations and the media I take an unrealistic view of how big I actually am. I then decide that the only option for me is to go on a diet (know ask yourselves what that word really means to you) diet means to me in its basic form that I have to restrict the amount of all foods I eat as all foods have calories and it is these calories that are making me what I call  fat, yet to everyone around me I don’t look fat it is just in my mind and what I think is now what I see. Can you see the dangers in this word diet, I need to stop consuming food as food has calories and food will make me fat ? I can.

It is my understanding that physical health of a person means the have the ability to do a range of things from showering, playing, working and so on you get the picture. Physical health also means that my body need ar multitude of wonderful things like calories,minerals, nutrients and vitamins to function efficiently in all these activities. It is my understanding that all the soft tissues, organs and bones derive all theses good things from food, a balanced nutritional diet. It is also my understanding from years of media abuse of images and commercials on all those poor starving children ( you know the ones) that their health problem and malnutrition are a direct result of the lack of available good quality food sources. So why the hell would an educated wealthy in comparison person think that by reducing their own food intake is the way to body beautiful. The other side of this careless illogical thought pattern is our bodies need food to be healthy so I can consume as much as I want and that will keep me healthy so then in turn we end up with obesity.

That is why people I have a total Health Plan split into 2 topics Physical Health and Mental Health as I believe they are both just as important as each other yet both require a balanced yet different approach. That is the word I feel should be the most important word I feel should be our focus BALANCE


This word should go to the top of your list when considering anything in your life. So in my next article I will talk about My mental Health plan and why for me it is its own topic. Thanks again for reading my blog posts and leaving your comments and I hope to continue in my writing pursuits.


4 thoughts on “Health is Wealth

  1. pear says:

    In truth this became a wonderful detailed write-up however as with most wonderful authors there are many items that is worked upon. Yet never ever your much less it turned out interesting.


  2. Agree with you that health is wealth but if we will exercise regularly and have balanced nutritive meal plan then we can lead to healthy and wealthy life. Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine and have proper sleep.


  3. Agree with you that health is wealth but if we will exercise regularly and have balanced nutritive meal plan then we can lead to healthy and wealthy life. Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine and have proper sleep.
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