Balance : A Very Powerful Word.

Balance is a word used so many times in so many places yet is not a word that is glamorize and most of the time I feel the meaning of this word falls very short. What does the word say to you do you think of a set of scales a child balancing on a post in the park. Perhaps you visualise people in an egg and spoon race trying not to drop the egg of the spoon. Maybe you are thinking of the cash flow charts or your weekly budget and trying to make your money balance out over the week. If you are like me you are probably thinking of balance in the broader sense like your whole life should be balanced.

Balance and Your Mental Health

As I said in my last post I would touch a little on Mental health and my plan I have to balance and navigate this very confusing and difficult area. I am no expert in this field in fact nothing could be further from the truth. i just have life experience and conversations with so many people who have helped me find my balance in this area. I will try to keep this post brief and steer clear of too much negativity as I feel this is the most powerful component of upsetting your mental fitness. With too much negativity you can through everything off-balance.

The Early years for me were very unbalanced both physically and mentally but when I think back I am totally convinced my mental health was more un-balanced. The reasons for this are many and very common to everyone.

Alcohol – to much of it

Alcohol/drugs both will kill

Alcohol/drugs both will kill

Drugs – legal and not so legal

Sleep – lack of it

Nutrition  – non-existent (pizza,hotdogs,cola, macca’s)

Emotional Baggage – no explanation needed

Balance is Key

Balance in everything we do is the key. Balance in time, balance in nutrition, balance in work and play and I feel this is where we all find it so hard at times. I mean as we grow from children into adults we learn so many things and without even realising we don’t give ourselves enough explanations as to why we are learning these new things and I feel eventually we end up with what I call Brain on Strike episodes.

Now I know that sounds strange but it’s really not. When you take five minutes to think about everything you have learnt since you were a happy kid kicking up the dust on a dirt patch it isn’t unreasonable to say that our brains have every reason to go on strike, it’s just for some of us the Brain on Strike episode can be far worse and in some cases fatal for some of us.

When we transition from childhood to adulthood we are just supposed to know everything. Being an adult can be such a scary demanding job and it is no wonder some feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. So why does it have to be that way and I can tell you for a long long time I would dwell on that one question: Why am I suppose to just know everything ?

20 years I was a cab driver doing the night shift picking up people in all manners of condition and all the time when you asked most customers a question like which way would you prefer to go ? ” they would look at you and say I don’t know you’re the cab driver you know everything. ” Wow gee I must be something special I am a cab driver so I know everything and gee that use to really piss me off. I mean really what a stupid thing to say to someone.

10 years of driving a cab and constantly being told I knew everything really took its toll on my mental health and I became jaded and cynical, so much so that I had become reclusive and anti-social to just about everything human. I drank a lot ate very little and lived on 3 to 4 hours sleep a day. To put it mildly I was a ticking time bomb.  I had fantasies of living in place where no other human being existed. I felt nothing when I saw terrible tragedy and started to fantasize about taking out the whole human race I was a monster in my own mind. I had lost all balance in my life and became this big bring it on sponge soaking up everything negative I could get my hands on the WARNING signs were all there. I needed to get back my BALANCE

Balance your master plan.

I worked hard for many years to get my thoughts and body back into balance. Because people you have to balance both your mental Health and physical health so you work harmoniously, so everything is in sync this is the key to happiness Balance.

You have to step outside the box however to be able to accomplish this and be willing to open your mind to a continual state of learning. You have to be able to allow your child to come back into your life. Question things again. When you go to the doctors don’t just accept what they say to you as they are only human themselves ask why get explanations as to why you have to take this drug why you must have this treatment. Take charge of the situation, to many times I see and hear people talking about different things they have to do and they don’t even know why they have done it. This mentality will lead your brain to go on strike and for some of you that will be fatal. Don’t loose who you are and a big part of who you are is that inner child you shelved years ago.

If you can find a good balance in your life you will feel so much more rested, peaceful and you will never miss the tinny funny things around you. Like during the lead up to the Easter holiday my 5-year-old grand-daughter was sitting at the table and as I was walking past she said “Nanny look I am making a basket” I said well done, looking good, then she said “yeah and I didn’t even have to use my brain”.  I just cracked up it was so funny yet so simplistic for her so I had to rush down stairs and share this news with her mum and you know what!! I even shared it on my Face Book status.

That one single short moment in time brought a smile to so many faces. This is what I do these days I let go of the bad and I dwell on what is good no matter how insignificant I don’t care, if it is good and feels good I capture it, it is mine. So these days when I occasionally decide to do a shift in a taxi and people tell me I know everything I say yes It’s so cool isn’t it you should see my mansion on top of the highest hill in the world and damn it feels so good controlling all the money and world leaders (sarcasm) but boy it certainly breaks the ice and changes the tone in the taxi.


Balance is Key

Balance is Key

Remember a good start to balance in life is time management so don’t give all your life to your employer balance your time and if you really dislike your job but are just doing it to pay the bill that is a heavy balance and can tip your scale to the negative rather than the positive. You are important your family are important so keep enough time to enjoy those things. You must find your balance in your whole life and enjoy your inner child, so if that means dancing around the house to your favourite music in your underwear than do it just don’t have the blinds open and the music to loud.

You must have a balance because if your mental health is suffering your whole life can be affected and if your physical health is suffering your life is affected. Many feel having lots of money is key to a good balance but lots of money usually means you have sacrificed lots of time to get that money. No money can mean you sacrifice no time but then suffer in poverty of you could be a little of both. What ever your path try to keep it balanced if you want lots of money you will have to

sacrifice lots of your time which will be very telling on both your mental and physical health so be very careful  if this is the path you go down.

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