Mental Health

Mental Health : Don’t Over think it

Mental health is a very complex issue and one that is constantly in debate between laymen and professionals. Personally I feel we all become prone to trying to over think how healthy our own mental state is, especially during times of despair, depression and hopelessness. I feel that during our most vulnerable times we make assessments about our life and how normal we are according to the people around us both professional and non-professional. Over thinking our mental health in times of vulnerability,  I believe can be the most destructive thing we can ever do.

So why do we continue to function in such a destructive way and how can we change this type of behavior.

To answer these questions I had to sit and think about different times in my life both happy and sad. I had to try to identify the difference between happy and sad and all the different emotions associated with the events in life that triggered them. Many weeks I delved deep into the cobwebs of my thoughts and even scribbled things down on bits of paper. I had conversations with the people closest to me who had seen all my ups and downs, I became obsessed.

Don’t Over think it.

By obsessing over my mental health and over thinking it I came to a huge realization. Over thinking my mental health actually caused confusion to the point of ridiculous. My thoughts were so muddled that they started to seep into my everyday life and I started to become physically ill. Every old injury, aches and pains became more sensitive. I struggled with simple everyday chores like showering eating and brushing my teeth.

I was in so much physical pain I just wanted to curl up and die.

No amount of pain medication or alcohol seemed to work and I was watching my life spiraling down the toilet with every flush. Now yes this was a long time ago when this happened to me, roughly about 8 years ago now but I remember the immense feeling of despair and I remember feeling like there was no way out.

My family and friends who cared about me couldn’t reach me and I know now how concerned for me they were. My mental state had not only affected my life but had found its way into the lives of every one around me. Now when you put all that in perspective and take a look in from the outside you realise just how powerful the human mind really is and how the effects of bad mental health can be debilitating on others as well.

I realized that when my Mental health was at its weakest point I was over thinking it

I know this because I had kept all those notes on paper, the endless journals I had written. By going over all those old notes today at a time in my life when I am happy, inspired and motivated, I realized just how unbalanced my Mental Health was and just how debilitating this was on my Physical health and the health of all those around me. It was frightening to read passages and quotes from those dark times.

So what has Changed and how are things different today

I guess the biggest change for me was giving up the consumption of alcohol. This was not easy by any means and I don’t go around preaching that alcohol is evil and it should be banned. There are many people who appear to have no problems with having their one or two glasses of alcohol a week and I take my hat of to them, but keep in mind I say appear. The mind is a very powerful thing and if we tell ourselves something long enough we start to believe and live it even if it is a lie, that is the power of the mind.

As my thoughts cleared from the alcohol fog I also started to realise a very important thing.

Have you ever noticed that in times of high stress and failing mental health in your life every one around you tells you to get some professional help. Have you ever sat and thought about this I have. When I am at my peak and happier than a person who just won the lottery, all these supposed professionals don’t have time to give me as they have more priority cases they need to help!!!  hmmm why is that???


I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and what everyone else had and started to asses who I really was and what I really wanted and needed. I started writing these things down on cardboard posters and pinned them to my wall. I found every photograph that was attached to happy moments and placed them around me. I even sourced pictures that stimulated warm happy feelings within me and began my long road to recovery from a Mental Health state that was impairing my ability to be healthy and happy and enjoy even the tiniest singular moment of happiness.

Past to Future

This journey I took relied mainly on me and has taken 8 long years and I will happily say to you it has not been easy and some times it was very lonely but it is a journey I am so grateful to have taken, this journey is a life long commitment and I hold myself accountable for all actions I take.

I never consider myself to be cured as I strongly believe we have no cures in life’s journey just answers we must seek out, dissect and apply to our own journey.

I truly believe we can listen to opinions and advice from many sources on what is normal and healthy but at the end of the day the only person who can give you the answers you need is you.

thomas edison


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