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Welcome to my personal site. This, about the Author page is just a bit about me so anyone will be able to do an internet search and find any other pages I have.

My name is Sandra Lemming, I am 47 years old last time I checked, but up untill recently birthdays were never a big thing for me as I always had to work so most of the time unless a friend or family member reminded me, I would have not realized. So I was born in the month of November in 1965 which I believe makes my star sign Sagittarius. I have been married divorced and partnered again but sadly had to watch helplessly as cancer took him from our lives. I have 3 kids sorry politically incorrect the word should be children, but don’t worry I never grew up in politically correct so you will see a lot of my words and statements and writing to be not politically correct. When I write I feel like I am talking to you over a table with refreshments as if you have known me for ever and my objective is not offend or upset anyone.

I am a grand mum of 3 as well and have been single for about 7 years now which is when the brain tumor took my best friend and father of our 13 year ol boy and we all miss his presence to this day. yes a great many people can relate to me as I to them because that’s just the way of life. We all struggle with the daily grind and yes some-times we forget that those who are close to us are struggling to because we become so self consumed in our own problems which then opens the door to the big ugly monster I like to call the negative cloud. this cloud can be so consuming and so heavy that we can miss the tiny slivers of positive light trying to infiltrate the darkness and lift us back up. These slivers of positive light are usually the people who care about us, husbands, mothers, children,brothers,sisters and even friends. I know I have been in that dark cloud several times in my life and I refuse to let it back in my door.

I could write a huge professional portfolio sprouting all my job titles, work experiences, certificates and yadda yadda yadda.

I will not/am not trying to force anyone to buy this, join that or sign up here, as I feel there is enough of that out there. However occasionally I will put links in my blog that will help direct you to products and services that I have used and am still using. I am happy to answer any enquiries about these products and services, my opinion is free and my information is free. You will get my honest free opinion and that is it I will not give you qualified or scientific factual reasons why you should, have to and must pay to use my product. All I give is honest current reviews on what I use and why.

My health care plan is based around good solid advice from my medical practitioner who I have been seeing for 10 years now. I personally feel it is easier for a doctor who has a good knowledge of your medical history first hand to be better able to advise. I have also been using nutritional products from a very reputable company that I have never had any Problems in regards to product, customer service, product facts and ingredients and customer satisfaction guarantee. Forever Living Products is a fantastic company with friendly people, good quality product and really good customer service.

Since my blog is my own personal journey of attaining a balanced health and wealth lifestyle I will some times make reference to a company called the Six Figure Mentors which is simply put like this.

The Six Figure Mentors
is not an Income or Business Opportunity. We are an education platform and community for entrepreneurs. I have a blog within the community as I am an associate member so feel free to go to my blog site and follow my educational journey with them if you wish. My blogs are more business based and contain helpful information for anyone in business or thinking about going into business.
So enough about me let’s get back to blogging.



5 thoughts on “About The Author

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  3. Nik Nekeare says:

    Beautiful House here lady….like it very much.


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