Mother’s Day

My mum and step dad sitting on patio celebrating Christmas day in 2011

Happy Mothers Day is just Great


I love special little moments in life like Mothers Day. I don’t even know if it’s a day celebrated around the globe but it should be. This may seem like a strange post to have here but really it’s not. When you think about your health in balance it is these little special moments that can go a long way towards a healthier you.

Mothers Day here in Australia is a day in May where we can all come together and show our appreciation for our mums, grand mums and any other female figure in your life who was there for you to help you along the way. Every woman I feel should be celebrated on this day for the contribution they have made to a child’s life throughout the years.

I have had a lovely day with my daughter and my grand kids just chilling and showing each other how much we love and appreciate them. They gave me my favorite gift of all.

I Love candles. I use them every night.

I Love candles. I use them every night.


Missing You Mum

My only little twinge of pain today was the fact I couldn’t travel the many hundreds of miles to be close with my mum as well. My mum is just the greatest and without her love and support over the years I doubt I would be the person I am today. So I am dedicating this post to my beautiful mum Peg Newling. My mum is not perfect , yes she made mistakes along the way just like a normal person does but she always had so much love in her heart for all of us kids.

Today is a day when I reflect on all the good times and hard work mum devoted to raising us kids in the best environment she could. I love you mum with all my heart. You are my friend, my adviser,my rock and on days like today I miss you immensely but I am so happy and grateful to have had you by my side each and every step of the way. You will be forever in my heart and all the great memories you helped me create will carry me through any challenge that comes my way.

Mum you are the greatest

Mum and Geoff with their new grand son 2011

Mum and Geoff with their new grand son 2011

Mum Christmas 2011

Mum Christmas 2011


Health And Wealth

Hello and welcome to my site. This is where I will post lots of informative information on Health and Wealth. There are many ideals and opinions on just what health and wealth mean and should mean. But personally at the end of the day I feel the most important thing to remember about health and wealth is and always should be you. Yes you. Just you, because if you are not of the health or wealth that you believe you could be then the term Health and Wealth really are irrelevant.

So why am I rambling on about this you may ask?  Well because I have  in my 47 years well maybe not 47 more like 30 years I have always been interested in people in general. I always listened intently and quietly to what people were saying and through my young years I truly believed all that was being said to me at me. I decided at a very early age that the masses of people out there were definitely not happy. They showed the pretence and good public image of being happy but many were not truly happy.

The reason I am saying this is because I was always that kid, you know the one in school who was always questioning things to the point of utter frustration of the teacher in class that I would be sent to the principle’s office and have to do the rest of my lesson at a quiet desk in the hall on my own. I can’t really explain why I was that kid or what I was trying to accomplish just that I was always hitting things headlong as I felt everything required a better explanation.

How does this help anyone? Well I don’t really know. But I can tell you there is a thing called Democide, which I believe has a lot to do with why as people we are the way we are. Settling for what life we have and making excuses as to why we have the job we hate and will always have that job, or why we are poor or aren’t healthy or wealthy. I believe that the mass social view that is shoved in our faces by governments, society are to blame for the thousands upon thousand of people who suffer in silence in a meaningless life just waiting to die. Yes people Democide it is real and has been happening since the structure of society amongst man.

Democide: Death By government. It is real and happening everywhere so why are so many of you waiting and doing nothing to benefit your own health and wealth. Why are you relying on a government that only has its own agenda in mind, they won’t fix the economic crises they don’t know how, only you can do that. Democide is the main agenda of our governments not fixing your life. Democide look it up.

Take action today to change your health and wealth. It is in your hands and only your hands. click here