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Ground Breaking development in Fight Of Cervical Cancer

Researchers in the U.S have used a woman’s immune system to attack the malignant cells in her system with incredible results..


Researchers in the US are celebrating a ground-breaking development in the fight against cancer.
They’ve successfully used a patient’s own immune system to attack the disease in women with advanced cervical cancer.

Every day is a gift for Arrica Wallace.
Three years ago she was given devastating diagnosis.
I was told I had stage 3 cervical cancer.
She underwent 32 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 radiation treatments.
But the cancer came back.
Doctors said she’d be lucky to survive a year.
I actually had conversations with my husband and my friends about funeral arrangements.
But Arrica says leaving her two sons without a mother wasn’t an option.
So she joined an experimental clinical trial, manipulating a patient’s own immune system to attack malignant cells.
The goal of it is to completely get rid of cancer and have it never come back.
Doctors took tumour samples from nine women with advanced cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus, or HPV.
They extracted T-cells from the tumours, The treatment shrunk one woman’s tumour.
Two others are now cancer-free.
You can see it’s completely gone.
Arrica was one of those women.
One month after treatment, her tumours had shrunk by 50%.
22 months later scans show no signs of cancer.
This is building on new knowledge about how the immune system works.
Immunology has also been effective against other cancers like leukaemia and melanoma.




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So medical science is only now proving what so many health and fitness people have been teaching for years. Working on keeping your immune system healthy and strong can increase your chances of fighting of serious disease like cancer.



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