A New Year Has Begun

Welcome back as the New Year has begun I would like to take a moment and thank all of those who have been here reading my content and leaving comments. Thank you very much I appreciate each and every one of you.

So lets kick of this year by firstly thanking ourselves ūüôā  yes you read that corectly , I want you to thank yourself go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself you believi in you and you care about you because if you didn’t you would not have successful survived 2013 .

Why do I say that well because for millions around the globe 2013 did prove to be quite a challenging year on all fronts for the world. Financially economically and even the weather threw an extreme challenge up in many countries and many people lost life, limb, home and property.

So that is why I want you to pat yourself on the back and believe in you because you are here in the New Year and you have another shot at your destiny no matter how bad you are feeling. Remember every one has the potential inside of themselves to be as great as they believe they can but it all starts with you, so this year I will spend a lot of time talking about mindset as this is very crucial to your level of physical health and yes don’t worry I will be throwing in the occasional health tip along the way.

So let us all work together as a community and ensure that no one feels like they are alone during their journey towards a healthy body and mind.

I will finish this post with a quote I came across in 2013 that helped me in times of lack luster and non motivation ” The mind is like a parachute – it only works when it is open” by Frank Zappa

So my health tip to start you of for the year is this… The human body is made of a lot of water. Water is so vital for all our cells and organs to function at optimum levels and it is also vital for the longevity and youthful appearance of your skin hair and muscles. We do not drink near enough water on a daily basis and often we are running our body on half a tank or dehydration levels and by doing this our blood is dirty with the toxins that our liver and kidneys cannot dispose of properly as the water level is to shallow.

Constant low water levels are also responsible for the wrinkles appearing hair loss and sagging skin and muscle tone. So do yourself and your body a favour and make this tip a habitual one and your mind and body will thank you in the process

You must drink at least 3 litres of water over a 24 hour period and make at least 500 MLS of this water to be consumed at least 1 hour prior to bed time. Preferably try to consume good clean purified water that is not to cold as if it is to cold you will put a strain on your inner core body temperature regulator. If you don,t have access to purfied water free from fluoride and chlorine in the town supply then you will need to just go with your town tap supply, but the better the quality of water the better the effect.

Now if you are not use to drinking 3 litres of water a day you will find this quite a challenge but keep reminding yourself and keep at it until you have formed the habit of reaching for water without a second thought.

Once you have formed the habit of drinking 3 litres of water a day you will over time start to notice changes in your appearance, your skin will look younger and you will take on a better colour in your skin tone. You will not be as hungry and your energy and mental state will increase. You will be thankful you did this as you will notice a decrease in digestive problems as well.

So the tip : make drinking 3 litres of clean water a habit even when it is so cold outside the car is snowed in drink 3 litres ūüôā

Until next time have a super fine day and be the best that you can be

Sandra Lemming   http://onestopaloeshop.com


“Did You know…”

Did you Know !!!

Did you Know the most important thing you will ever have is your health or as I like to think of it your life. The way I look at it is pretty simple really if or me it comes down to 2 basic things my mental health and my physical health the rest of the other stuff is just emotions I feel at any given time.

My mental health is my first priority as I believe if you are not in control of a healthy mind how can anything that follows be healthy. I know what your thinking, your saying to me !! ,¬†no shit Sherlock or no you are definitely wrong there is so much more that this and well yes there is but you don’t build a house on week foundations if you want it to last, do you?

So yes for me mental health is the first order of the day for me as I know I need a good strong foundation and frame-work if I want to be able to enjoy all the miracles that life has to offer. I also need strong foundations to weather the storms that will blow my way as I go through life. You see the hard thing about living is we are human and we do develop relationships with people we care about, he’ll some of us even develop strong enough bonds with our pets that the loss them can be just as crippling .

So I believe being focused on my mental health should take priority so I know I can whether the storms that pass through my life.

Did You Know !!!

Life can also be unpredictable and since the leaders or governments deem it necessary that everything has a monetary value, life can also be quite expensive and I am not talking luxury here I am talking just basic general life so we all need to do something to turn a dime just so we can provide for ourselves and  anyone else we wish to take care of.

So on that note  I will sign off by saying I work as well, I prefer however to work from home on a computer and so down below I have placed a short video for you all to watch that sort of gives you an idea on how I turn my pennies .

I have some more work to do and since I totally enjoy what I do for work it is not hard for me to pick up my laptop and jump right in. so have a great day, week month or even life if you do not come back to my blog and keep in mind life is complex if you dwell on to much of the sub- headings. Sure up your foundations and be ready for whatever life will throw at you but most of all enjoy your life while you have it no matter what life it is because eventually death will come calling.

So on that note take care enjoy the video and no matter what you do be great doing it. ¬†ūüôā

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Mental Health

Mental Health : Don’t Over think it

Mental health is a very complex issue and one that is constantly in debate between laymen and professionals. Personally I feel we all become prone to trying to over think how healthy our own mental state is, especially during times of despair, depression and hopelessness. I feel that during our most vulnerable times we make assessments about our life and how normal we are according to the people around us both professional and non-professional. Over thinking our mental health in times of vulnerability,  I believe can be the most destructive thing we can ever do.

So why do we continue to function in such a destructive way and how can we change this type of behavior.

To answer these questions I had to sit and think about different times in my life both happy and sad. I had to try to identify the difference between happy and sad and all the different emotions associated with the events in life that triggered them. Many weeks I delved deep into the cobwebs of my thoughts and even scribbled things down on bits of paper. I had conversations with the people closest to me who had seen all my ups and downs, I became obsessed.

Don’t Over think it.

By obsessing over my mental health and over thinking it I came to a huge realization. Over thinking my mental health actually caused confusion to the point of ridiculous. My thoughts were so muddled that they started to seep into my everyday life and I started to become physically ill. Every old injury, aches and pains became more sensitive. I struggled with simple everyday chores like showering eating and brushing my teeth.

I was in so much physical pain I just wanted to curl up and die.

No amount of pain medication or alcohol seemed to work and I was watching my life spiraling down the toilet with every flush. Now yes this was a long time ago when this happened to me, roughly about 8 years ago now but I remember the immense feeling of despair and I remember feeling like there was no way out.

My family and friends who cared about me couldn’t reach me and I know now how concerned for me they were. My mental state had not only affected my life but had found its way into the lives of every one around me. Now when you put all that in perspective and take a look in from the outside you realise just how powerful the human mind really is and how the effects of bad mental health can be debilitating on others as well.

I realized that when my Mental health was at its weakest point I was over thinking it

I know this because I had kept all those notes on paper, the endless journals I had written. By going over all those old notes today at a time in my life when I am happy, inspired and motivated, I realized just how unbalanced my Mental Health was and just how debilitating this was on my Physical health and the health of all those around me. It was frightening to read passages and quotes from those dark times.

So what has Changed and how are things different today

I guess the biggest change for me was giving up the consumption of alcohol. This was not easy by any means and I don’t go around preaching that alcohol is evil and it should be banned. There are many people who appear to have no problems with having their one or two glasses of alcohol a week and I take my hat of to them, but keep in mind I say appear. The mind is a very powerful thing and if we tell ourselves something long enough we start to believe and live it even if it is a lie, that is the power of the mind.

As my thoughts cleared from the alcohol fog I also started to realise a very important thing.

Have you ever noticed that in times of high stress and failing mental health in your life every one around you tells you to get some professional help. Have you ever sat and thought about this I have. When I am at my peak and happier than a person who just won the lottery, all these supposed professionals don’t have time to give me as they have more priority cases they need to help!!!¬† hmmm why is that???


I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and what everyone else had and started to asses who I really was and what I really wanted and needed. I started writing these things down on cardboard posters and pinned them to my wall. I found every photograph that was attached to happy moments and placed them around me. I even sourced pictures that stimulated warm happy feelings within me and began my long road to recovery from a Mental Health state that was impairing my ability to be healthy and happy and enjoy even the tiniest singular moment of happiness.

Past to Future

This journey I took relied mainly on me and has taken 8 long years and I will happily say to you it has not been easy and some times it was very lonely but it is a journey I am so grateful to have taken, this journey is a life long commitment and I hold myself accountable for all actions I take.

I never consider myself to be cured as I strongly believe we have no cures in life’s journey just answers we must seek out, dissect and apply to our own journey.

I truly believe we can listen to opinions and advice from many sources on what is normal and healthy but at the end of the day the only person who can give you the answers you need is you.

thomas edison


Balance : A Very Powerful Word.

Balance is a word used so many times in so many places yet is not a word that is glamorize and most of the time I feel the meaning of this word falls very short. What does the word say to you do you think of a set of scales a child balancing on a post in the park. Perhaps you visualise people in an egg and spoon race trying not to drop the egg of the spoon. Maybe you are thinking of the cash flow charts or your weekly budget and trying to make your money balance out over the week. If you are like me you are probably thinking of balance in the broader sense like your whole life should be balanced.

Balance and Your Mental Health

As I said in my last post I would touch a little on Mental health and my plan I have to balance and navigate this very confusing and difficult area. I am no expert in this field in fact nothing could be further from the truth. i just have life experience and conversations with so many people who have helped me find my balance in this area. I will try to keep this post brief and steer clear of too much negativity as I feel this is the most powerful component of upsetting your mental fitness. With too much negativity you can through everything off-balance.

The Early years for me were very unbalanced both physically and mentally but when I think back I am totally convinced my mental health was more un-balanced. The reasons for this are many and very common to everyone.

Alcohol – to much of it

Alcohol/drugs both will kill

Alcohol/drugs both will kill

Drugs – legal and not so legal

Sleep –¬†lack of it

Nutrition¬† – non-existent (pizza,hotdogs,cola, macca’s)

Emotional Baggage – no explanation needed

Balance is Key

Balance in everything we do is the key. Balance in time, balance in nutrition, balance in work and play and I feel this is where we all find it so hard at times. I mean as we grow from children into adults we learn so many things and without even realising we don’t give ourselves enough explanations as to why we are learning these new things and I feel eventually we end up with what I call Brain on Strike episodes.

Now I know that sounds strange but it’s really not. When you take five minutes to think about everything you have learnt since you were a happy kid kicking up the dust on a dirt patch it isn’t unreasonable to say that our brains have every reason to go on strike, it’s just for some of us the Brain on Strike episode can be far worse and in some cases fatal for some of us.

When we transition from childhood to adulthood we are just supposed to know everything. Being an adult can be such a scary demanding job and it is no wonder some feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. So why does it have to be that way and I can tell you for a long long time I would dwell on that one question: Why am I suppose to just know everything ?

20 years I was a cab driver doing the night shift picking up people in all manners of condition and all the time when you asked most customers a question like which way would you prefer to go ? ”¬†they would look at you and say I don’t know you’re the cab driver you know everything. ” Wow gee I must be something special I am a cab driver so I know everything and gee that use to really piss me off. I mean really what a stupid thing to say to someone.

10 years of driving a cab and constantly being told I knew everything really took its toll on my mental health and I became jaded and cynical, so much so that I had become reclusive and anti-social to just about everything human. I drank a lot ate very little and lived on 3 to 4 hours sleep a day. To put it mildly I was a ticking time bomb.  I had fantasies of living in place where no other human being existed. I felt nothing when I saw terrible tragedy and started to fantasize about taking out the whole human race I was a monster in my own mind. I had lost all balance in my life and became this big bring it on sponge soaking up everything negative I could get my hands on the WARNING signs were all there. I needed to get back my BALANCE

Balance your master plan.

I worked hard for many years to get my thoughts and body back into balance. Because people you have to balance both your mental Health and physical health so you work harmoniously, so everything is in sync this is the key to happiness Balance.

You have to step outside the box however to be able to accomplish this and be willing to open your mind to a continual state of learning. You have to be able to allow your child to come back into your life. Question things again. When you go to the doctors don’t just accept what they say to you as they are only human themselves ask why get explanations as to why you have to take this drug why you must have this treatment. Take charge of the situation, to many times I see and hear people talking about different things they have to do and they don’t even know why they have done it. This mentality will lead your brain to go on strike and for some of you that will be fatal. Don’t loose who you are and a big part of who you are is that inner child you shelved years ago.

If you can find a good balance in your life you will feel so much more rested, peaceful and you will never miss the tinny funny things around you. Like during the lead up to the Easter holiday my 5-year-old grand-daughter was sitting at the table and as I was walking past she said “Nanny look I am making a basket” I said well done, looking good, then she said “yeah and I didn’t even have to use my brain”.¬† I just cracked up it was so funny yet so simplistic for her so I had to rush down stairs and share this news with her mum and you know what!! I even shared it on my Face Book status.

That one single short moment in time brought a smile to so many faces. This is what I do these days I let go of the bad and I dwell on what is good no matter how insignificant I don’t care, if it is good and feels good I capture it, it¬†is mine. So these days when I occasionally decide to do a shift in a taxi and people tell me I know everything I say yes It’s so cool isn’t it you should see my mansion on top of the highest hill in the world and damn it feels so good controlling all the money and world leaders (sarcasm) but boy it certainly breaks the ice and changes the tone in the taxi.


Balance is Key

Balance is Key

Remember a good start to balance in life is time management so don’t give all your life to your employer balance your time and if you really dislike your job but are just doing it to pay the bill that is a heavy balance and can tip your scale to the negative rather than the positive. You are important your family are important so keep enough time to enjoy those things. You must find your balance in your whole life and enjoy your inner child, so if that means dancing around the house to your favourite music in your underwear than do it just don’t have the blinds open and the music to loud.

You must have a balance because if your mental health is suffering your whole life can be affected and if your physical health is suffering your life is affected. Many feel having lots of money is key to a good balance but lots of money usually means you have sacrificed lots of time to get that money. No money can mean you sacrifice no time but then suffer in poverty of you could be a little of both. What ever your path try to keep it balanced if you want lots of money you will have to

sacrifice lots of your time which will be very telling on both your mental and physical health so be very careful  if this is the path you go down.

Make money from home

Make money from home

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth !

Welcome back to a subject I am very passionate about. Health is Wealth and I say that with total conviction as this is what I truly believe.

Lets face it without your health what good is all the money in the world, yeah sure you can buy the best medical treatment and have round the clock cares but really if your health is at that stage how much of life are you really going to enjoy and how much of the good parts of your life are you truly going to remember and hold on to. Your only human after all. So today I am here to rant my opinion on this subject and in the process hopefully help clear the fog.


Health is very important to us mere mortals and how we perceive the world. health is so important in actual fact that we as human beings have found a way to not only understand more about  our health but the benefits of good health and the effect it has on our life expectancy age.

When assessing my own health I like to try to keep it simple. I try to break my health plan into 2 distinct topics if you will. I for myself have the 2 main topics as being physicall Health and Mental Health. I know to most people this seems a little clinical and crazy but for me it really is not. When you take into consideration my past history of bad diet, alcohol abuse, heavy smoking, minimal exercise and high fat high sugar fast food convenience diet, it becomes very clear as to the reasons why that at the age of 47 I have arrived at this point in my life.

I will not go into too much detail of my past choices which had crippling effects on both my physical health and mental health as i have already touched on this subject in some of my other blogs. today I just want to do a short blog on some small things I have done that have helped me take bake my life.

Physical Health

Health on the physical front is very important in so many ways and at so many levels. Now I am not a coach, doctor, physical fitness trainer or any other type of specialist but I do understand the basic principles of good physical health.

My basic understanding of physical health¬†is exactly what the word says physical. So¬†I take into consideration the very basics of this side of my health. Like am I carrying too much weight for my frame structure and is this putting pressure on areas of my structure in turn causing me unnecessary pain in places like my back, knee’s, hips and so on.¬†I pay attention to my freedom of movement when I first get out of bed or am performing simple tasks like playing ball with the dog in the back yard or walking around a shopping centre, climbing a set of stairs, all of these simple tasks can be greatly effected when I get to weighty or to be blunt too much fat and not enough muscle.

When it comes to my physical health¬†I really don’t give a rats what the everyday Joe Blow on the street thinks, all I focus on is am I functioning at the level I am happy with and am I happy with my physical appearance. If I don’t like the fact that my joints are stiff and seized like a car engine running on low oil pressure then it is up to me to do something about it. I don’t need you or any one else making negative unconstructive comments based on a level of basic knowledge that everyone is privy to, so I refuse to acknowledge that these comments have even been made. At the end of the day the most important opinion is my own and the next most important thing is me taking action on what¬†I have noticed and would like to change. It is only after this process will I be willing to take on board the advice, assistance and help of those individuals in the community who have the skills and training to help me achieve the results I want.

I don’t place value in pictures of celebrities,models and athletes as this being the norm because I am not a celebrity, model or professional athlete and do not aspire to be one so their body images splashed all over the media and social pages mean nothing to me, i am more likely to notice the picture of the cool ar or cute animal picture. So my expectations for my physical health are more realistic as the basis for them comes from within myself.

I can tell you that i have struggled with physical health just as much as any one does but more to what I want my physical health to be and I will not be dictated to by any one. I believed as I was growing up that I was living in a free world and it was taught to me that dictators were bad evil people who wanted to control everyone elses life. So why as I grew into an adult would I want or care about opinions being dictated to me based on no real education training. I feel this is where young people fall prey to the opinions of the biggest dictators the world has ever seen THE MEDIA 

This whole body beautiful image has gotten so out of control that so many of our young people today are falling victim to many eating disorders and unrealistic images in their own heads of what they should look like it is killing them both physically and mentally. Anerexia is one biggy that comes to mind, which will lead us to the second part of my health plan. MENTAL HEALTH. before we do go onto the second part of my health plan lets just take a short moment to look at anorexia.

Anorexia to my very basic knowledge is the starving of the body of the appropriate nutrients which we obtain from a healthy balanced diet in order to lose fat thus enabling the individual to drop down the size appearance of their physical stature or form if you like. Yes¬†I know there is a lot more involved but lets just stick to the basics shall we. So let’s say¬†I look in the mirror and because of constant peer group pressure, parent expectations and the media I take an unrealistic view of how big I actually am.¬†I then decide that the only option for me is to go on a diet (know ask yourselves what that word really means to you) diet means to me in its basic form that I have to restrict the amount of all foods I eat as all foods have calories and it is these calories that are making me what I call¬† fat, yet to everyone around me I don’t look fat it is just in my mind and what I think is now what I see. Can you see the dangers in this word diet, I need to stop consuming food as food has calories and food will make me fat ? I can.

It is my understanding that physical health of a person means the have the ability to do a range of things from showering, playing, working and so on you get the picture. Physical health also means that my body need ar multitude of wonderful things like calories,minerals, nutrients and vitamins to function efficiently in all these activities. It is my understanding that all the soft tissues, organs and bones derive all theses good things from food, a balanced nutritional diet. It is also my understanding from years of media abuse of images and commercials on all those poor starving children ( you know the ones) that their health problem and malnutrition are a direct result of the lack of available good quality food sources. So why the hell would an educated wealthy in comparison person think that by reducing their own food intake is the way to body beautiful. The other side of this careless illogical thought pattern is our bodies need food to be healthy so I can consume as much as I want and that will keep me healthy so then in turn we end up with obesity.

That is why people I have a total Health Plan split into 2 topics Physical Health and Mental Health as I believe they are both just as important as each other yet both require a balanced yet different approach. That is the word I feel should be the most important word I feel should be our focus BALANCE


This word should go to the top of your list when considering anything in your life. So in my next article I will talk about My mental Health plan and why for me it is its own topic. Thanks again for reading my blog posts and leaving your comments and I hope to continue in my writing pursuits.


INSTABUILDER: Plugin for WordPress.

Instabuilder¬†is a software product created¬†by Suzanna¬†Theresia.¬† I purchased Instabuilder¬†on its release date and grabbed the great free bonus that came with Instabuilder.¬† I must say I am impressed with the product thus far. ¬†I came across Instabuilder through the site marketpowerplugin.com¬†¬†and so glad I did. I loved the presentation of their web page with just the information I needed to form a decision as to whether¬†Instabuilder would suit my needs.¬†I also loved the fact that at marketpowerplugin¬†I didn’t need to battle with email capture pages and auto responders attached to the email address. Just real people who gladly answer your questions about Instabuilder¬†as honestly and professional as possible. So I purchased Instabuilder from a real person. ¬†I liked that.

I know that the people at marketpowerplugin are just agents, a channel through which to purchase the product but it was nice to have that connection.

Instabuider:  What does this have to do with health you may ask ?

Instabuilder the product itself has little to do with my actual health but the benefits from using this product do

The fact that I use this product  for work as I am an internet marketer and distributor of Forever Living Products I have cut my time spent at the computer creating landing pages and sales pages in half.  So how does that help me easy.

I purchased Instabuilder, installed it, watched the quick tutorial and went to work creating my new pages I needed for my business sites.  It was fantastic so easy and ran so smoothly with WordPress. I was able to create in half the time, so I was away from my computer sooner and free to spend quality time doings some things I had never had time for since starting an online business. There is the kicker my friends I was able to give myself more time freedom to enjoy how I wanted to.

That’s what Instabuilder has to do with Health.


A great little tool with loads of advantages and even Facebook opt in, so pop across to marketpowerplugin.com and browse the product information free from frustrating chat pop ups, email landing pages and auto responders.

Well¬†I hope you enjoyed my little¬†post on¬†ways¬†I do things to benefit¬†my health and well-being. I don’t know about you but when I have more quality time I feel happier and am more able to deal with the difficulties¬†in life.

Here is a video from marketpowerplugin that is short sweet and to the point.


Nothing to do with Health

Hello everyone today this post has nothing to do with Health.

I came across a website that is launching what I feel is going to be the next big must have plugin. This plugin is for WordPress and I think it is fantastic I will definitely be grabbing one before they run out the door. Why you may ask well I need as much help as I can get building my blog site so it is easy on the eye and I would love to build a Facebook page that looks great to. Enough talk hope you enjoy this site as much as I did as it was very easy to read. Really worth a look I loved it.


Instabuilder create your pages 10x faster

Instabuilder create your pages 10x faster