Cervical Cancer Breakthrough

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Ground Breaking development in Fight Of Cervical Cancer

Researchers in the U.S have used a woman’s immune system to attack the malignant cells in her system with incredible results..


Researchers in the US are celebrating a ground-breaking development in the fight against cancer.
They’ve successfully used a patient’s own immune system to attack the disease in women with advanced cervical cancer.

Every day is a gift for Arrica Wallace.
Three years ago she was given devastating diagnosis.
I was told I had stage 3 cervical cancer.
She underwent 32 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 radiation treatments.
But the cancer came back.
Doctors said she’d be lucky to survive a year.
I actually had conversations with my husband and my friends about funeral arrangements.
But Arrica says leaving her two sons without a mother wasn’t an option.
So she joined an experimental clinical trial, manipulating a patient’s own immune system to attack malignant cells.
The goal of it is to completely get rid of cancer and have it never come back.
Doctors took tumour samples from nine women with advanced cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus, or HPV.
They extracted T-cells from the tumours, The treatment shrunk one woman’s tumour.
Two others are now cancer-free.
You can see it’s completely gone.
Arrica was one of those women.
One month after treatment, her tumours had shrunk by 50%.
22 months later scans show no signs of cancer.
This is building on new knowledge about how the immune system works.
Immunology has also been effective against other cancers like leukaemia and melanoma.




Cervical Cancer found

So medical science is only now proving what so many health and fitness people have been teaching for years. Working on keeping your immune system healthy and strong can increase your chances of fighting of serious disease like cancer.



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One Little Girl/ One Loving Family

Welcome to my post One Little Girl/One Loving Family

Let me take a minute to apologize for not posting in such a long time, as life would have it i became a little side tracked in my endeavor to better myself as a person and acquire new skills to help make me more attractive to the job market. However this post today will not be solely based around me this post I hope will introduce you to a little girl who has been having a real tuff time of it lately and the struggle her family is going through with her. No this is not just another sob story this post I write because it took this family and this little girls courageous  fight for me to slow down and see what is really important to me and which direction I wanted to take in life.

I was Inspired by a 7 year old girl and her mom.

Kathleen and BrennaghThis picture is of Brennagh McKay she is 7 years old and in this picture she is sitting on the lap of her loving mum while they wait for her bed in the hospital to be made. Around 6 weeks ago Brennagh was rushed to hospital by her mom. Brennagh was very sick and Kathleen was no doubt feeling the same feelings of fear that any parent does when you have your extremely sick child in your car and you are rushing to hospital. By the time Kathleen got Brennagh to hospital her condition had deteriorated so quickly that Brennagh was rushed into emergency and listed as critical. This is never what you want to hear as a loving parent from hospital staff, your child is critical we are moving her to ICU and we are not sure if she will make it through the night. My god and sorry to blaspheme but the heavy sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, the pain in your chest and your mind running at a thousand times faster than what it should to comprehend this type of news can be absolutely crushing, but as a parent you know that you cannot crumble to the ground and just cry out as loud as you can,!!  you must gather your strength, tap into the adrenalin that is flowing through you and make the right choices for your sick child in hospital and the rest of your family. You have to be strong. You may not want to be and you may wish it didn’t have to be you but as the anchor, the glue that bonds a family together you must there is no option.

So enough talking and let’s get down to the point. Brennagh Mckay is a little miracle !!! Brennagh has Trisomy 18 also known as Edward Syndrome and most children born with Trisomy are still birth or rarely make it past the first few days. You can find out more about Trisomy here https://www.facebook.com/Trisomy18

I am helping to raise fund for this little family in New Zealand to help take a little of the load of them. You see little Brennagh has fought on despite not being given a fighting chance. Even though Brennagh has lost considerable weight and has had quite a few set backs she is still hanging in there and mom Kathleen is still by her side. They are miles away from the rest of their family and friends and both miss them all dearly but until things go Brennagh’s way they are both going to have to stay in the hospital. So lets help raise some money for this little family to help with the financial burden they will have to suffer.

Brennagh a Sweet Little Miracle

So my business will be donating all the profits from the sale of any of our product through the online store to the fundraising efforts to try to help a little girl who inspires us everyday with her fighting spirit. If only a lot of us could have just a portion of this little girls warm love for life and courage to fight what a magnificent world we would have. You can find out more about this campaign on our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/Onestopaloeshop

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I sell an extensive range of world-class Aloe Vera products all backed with a money back guarantee our product line ranges from Juice through to cosmetics and skin care for super sensitive skin. So even just this once you replace one of your normal products with one of my finest quality Aloe Vera based products you can feel secure knowing you have a great product that will benefit you and your family You can also feel good that all the retail profit will be donated to help a little family from a little place.

“Did You know…”

Did you Know !!!

Did you Know the most important thing you will ever have is your health or as I like to think of it your life. The way I look at it is pretty simple really if or me it comes down to 2 basic things my mental health and my physical health the rest of the other stuff is just emotions I feel at any given time.

My mental health is my first priority as I believe if you are not in control of a healthy mind how can anything that follows be healthy. I know what your thinking, your saying to me !! , no shit Sherlock or no you are definitely wrong there is so much more that this and well yes there is but you don’t build a house on week foundations if you want it to last, do you?

So yes for me mental health is the first order of the day for me as I know I need a good strong foundation and frame-work if I want to be able to enjoy all the miracles that life has to offer. I also need strong foundations to weather the storms that will blow my way as I go through life. You see the hard thing about living is we are human and we do develop relationships with people we care about, he’ll some of us even develop strong enough bonds with our pets that the loss them can be just as crippling .

So I believe being focused on my mental health should take priority so I know I can whether the storms that pass through my life.

Did You Know !!!

Life can also be unpredictable and since the leaders or governments deem it necessary that everything has a monetary value, life can also be quite expensive and I am not talking luxury here I am talking just basic general life so we all need to do something to turn a dime just so we can provide for ourselves and  anyone else we wish to take care of.

So on that note  I will sign off by saying I work as well, I prefer however to work from home on a computer and so down below I have placed a short video for you all to watch that sort of gives you an idea on how I turn my pennies .

I have some more work to do and since I totally enjoy what I do for work it is not hard for me to pick up my laptop and jump right in. so have a great day, week month or even life if you do not come back to my blog and keep in mind life is complex if you dwell on to much of the sub- headings. Sure up your foundations and be ready for whatever life will throw at you but most of all enjoy your life while you have it no matter what life it is because eventually death will come calling.

So on that note take care enjoy the video and no matter what you do be great doing it.  🙂

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